Vegan BBQ Tacos

During college, I was lucky to work at Dr. Weil’s Foundation in Tucson, Arizona (Go Wildcats!). If you are not familiar with Dr. Weil - google him, amazing stuff. It was there that I met for the first time people that were super into their health and wellbeing. I remember seeing what people were eating and going out to La Salsa (kind of like a Chipotle) and seeing everyone pretty much having bean and salsa tacos. Like anything, you become what you surround yourself with and I too became vegetarian and for a brief moment vegan. I never felt better and I was fascinated by the combinations to make hearty meals. In this recipe, its not only richness but textures that you will enjoy. At home we try to eat healthy and I can tell you with confidence that these tacos will start making an appearance on my weekly repertoire. They are delicious! Hope you get to enjoy them. Provecho!



1 large sweet potato (serves about 3 tacos or 6 mini tacos)

1 shallot

4 jalapenos

¼ cup olive oil

Salt and pepper


Black beans whole


1 large plantain

Dairy free butter



Cashew crema (recipe from Butternut Squash Tacos)

BBQ sauce


Candied Jalapenos

Corn tortillas

How to prepare

Start by peeling the sweet potato and then grating – medium grate like you would for cheese in quesadillas. Next grate shallots and jalapenos. For the jalapenos, you want to grate from the sides and not get the seeds. In a nonstick pan, heat up the olive oil and add sweet potato, shallot and jalapenos. Mix and move around the first 3 minutes, then flatten across the pan and leave it alone 2-3 minutes at the time so it builds the caramelization on the bottom. Flip every so often, they will be done in 12 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste – set aside.

Cook beans ahead or you can use canned one – rinse through and set aside.

In a cast iron or nonstick pan, heat up dairy free butter while you slice the plantains. You want it about 1 inch thick. Set the slices in the pan and fry until completely cooked. You can remove from heat and give them a little smash and then reintroduce them to the pan and fry a bit more. Set aside.

You are ready to assemble. Heat up tortillas with a smudge of dairy free butter. Add a spoonful of the potatoes mix, a teaspoon of black beans and drizzle BBQ sauce. Then top with plantain and drizzle cashew crema and sprinkle finely chopped cilantro. Serve with candied jalapenos to take it to the next level…Enjoy!!