Beef Cheek Tacos

Beef Cheek tacos are always a hit at my house with family and friends. My 9 year old devours them like no other and to be honest, I don’t think I even told him it was beef cheeks until recently. Now, he just thinks its funny and we wonder how much smiling the cow did based on the size… if you have a picky eater you may want to just tell them its beef and let it speak for itself. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do, this is definitely a staple at our casa. Provecho!!





2 lbs Beef Cheeks
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 Garlic Head
½ cup Orange Juice
½ cup Chicken Broth
1 bunch cilantro

• Dried chiles mix or you can just use 6 of 1 type of dried chile.
• 2 Ancho
• 2 Chipotle
• 2 New Mexico
• 2 tbsp Peanut Butter
• 1 tsp Instant Coffee
• 2 tbsp Honey
• 3 Garlic Cloves
• 1 Cup Chicken Broth
• 1 tsp Salt
• ½ cup Orange Juice

Yoli White Corn Tortillas
Cooking Spray

• Limes
• Chopped white onion
• Chopped Cilantro


Start by putting your dried chiles in hot water. Soak them until soft and then remove the tops. Put them in the blender along with all the marinade ingredients. Blend until smooth.

Trim any fat from your beef cheeks, place them in a glass container and add your marinade. Mix well and cover. Let it marinade at least 8 hours.

Heat up the oven to 275.

Remove the cheeks from the marinade and scrape it off. Heat up olive oil in a dutch oven and brown the cheeks. Next turn off the heat and add ½ cup of chicken broth, ½ cup of orange juice, 1 garlic head and bunch cilantro. Add a couple tablespoons from the marinade. Cover with foil.

Put the dutch oven in the oven and cook for 4 ½ hours. Turn the cheeks midway through.

Take out the cheeks and place in a bowl. Shred with a fork and knife. Add 2 -3 tablespoons from the cooking juice.

Heat up the tortillas in high heat and spray some cooking spray as you heat them up.

Place your tortillas, add 1 heaping tablespoon of cheeks, top with cilantro and white onion. Squirt some lime juice… enjoy!

P.S. You can always add a fresh green salsa form taco week#1.