Every end of the year, we get all sentimental of what we have accomplished and then jump into what is next. Last year, Mark and I had been researching everything about tortillas, working on our business case and just returning from our preliminary visit in L.A. We loved everything about the tortilla places we visited and we knew that we had to go and chase our dream in 2017. It took us quite a while, both of us working full time in demanding corporate jobs and traveling... and...did I forget to add that I was expecting our 2nd child? Yes, that's how bad we wanted this...chaos and all, we had to do it and here we are, 5 months after operation and getting ready for our next challenges.

The first fun challenge we want to share with you is a taco a week. Yup, that is 52 DIFFERENT tacos for 2018! I still have 6 spots remaining for the last weeks, but otherwise we are set and ready to rock. You have been direct messaging asking for our recipes when we do food posts and we are so flattered. We are not chefs, but we sure love food. We are more than happy to share them with you and hope you follow us on Instagram and we'll post here the recipes if you want to try them out.


A couple disclaimers:

1. Authentic - These recipes come from my upbringing in Sonora, Mexico. Nothing is perfect, some will include "hacks" as they have been transformed through generations and some will come from my own creation.

2. Diversity is a good thing - Yes, we will be making meat, vegan and everything in between tacos. We love them all!

3. Just go with the seasons! - The tacos are themed based on the season, what is likely to be locally available produce and goes with the weather.

4. Tortillas - We will be using all KCMEX tortillas AND we are likely to do some special batches. Stay tuned for those...

5. Have fun! - We hope you have fun following us. We promise to make the recipes as simple as possible for easy recreation, because at the end...we know what is important to you is sharing with your friends and lets spend time there! Provecho!