Pork Cheek Tacos

Looking for a taco bar recipe to have with friends? This is the perfect one! I can guarantee that there is no messing it up - bonus points, they will be super impressed that its cheeks. Enjoy!


Ingredients (serves 4)

3 lb pork cheek

5 guajillo chiles

2 jalapeños

1 garlic clove

1 cup orange juice + 2 more cups for cooking (see instructions)

2 tbsp pork fat

1/2 shot of tequila

Raw Green Salsa

8 green tomatoes

1 garlic clove

1/4 white onion

bunch of cilantro

sea salt to taste


Finely chopped white onion

Finely chopped cilantro

Thinly sliced radishes


Yoli white corn tortillas


How to prepare

Heat up a pan and toast the guajillo peppers - making sure that the color turns but not burns. Remove and cut off tops and shake off the seeds. In a small pot, bring water to boil and add the toasted guajillo peppers. Turn off the heat and let the peppers soak for about 5 - 10 minutes until they look rehydrated. Remove and place in a blender. Add 1 garlic, jalapeños and 1 cup of orange juice. Blend until completely smooth. Let it cool down.

Once your mix is cool - mix in with the pork cheeks, cover and place in the refrigerator. You can do this overnight or at the very least for 4 hours.

Next, place the pork cheeks in a Dutch oven with 2 cups of orange juice and bring to a boil. Lower heat and cook between 4 -5 hours. Just check on them and make sure they are super tender / falling apart. * I made mine with InstaPot. Placed them in high heat / pressure cook for 30 minutes (with the 2 cups of orange juice). Then let it cool down for 15 minutes. They were perfectly tender.

While your pork cheeks are cooking, prepare your salsa verde and chop your garnishes. For the salsa verde, remove the tomatillos husks and wash well. Cut them in half and place in the blender with the remaining ingredients. Pulse to your desired consistency and salt to taste.

Remove the pork cheeks from its cooking juices and roughly chop - making sure it doesn’t fall apart (it will once you are frying it). In a skillet, add 2 tbsp of pork fat and fry the pork cheeks there. Lightly salt to taste. Once it has been 3-5 minutes and you got a good caramelized look, deglaze your pan with 1/2 shot of some good quality tequila. Place in a serving bowl.

Heat up your white corn tortillas and set up your taco bar.