Swordfish Tacos

Fish tacos are some of my favorite ones. Swordfish tends to get a bad rep as a “dry” fish and I think it’s because many times its improperly cooked. I like to marinate mine for 45-60 minutes. I don’t use anything aggressive like lemon/lime juice…instead I go sweet like pineapple or mango juice and lots of herbs. The result is a super moist and delicious grilled fish. Hope you get to try it! Provecho!



1 lb of swordfish steaks (about 2) will serve about 5-6 tacos

Cooking spray


1 20oz can of pineapple tidbits (juice only, save the pineapple for salsa)

2 springs of rosemary

4 spring green onions chopped (green part only for marinade, save the white for salsa)

½ cup of chopped parsley

½ cup of chopped cilantro

1 finely chopped garlic clove

1 tbsp of olive oil

Flaky sea salt to taste (I used about ½ teaspoon)



Pineapple from the pineapple tidbits

1 finely chopped serrano (keep the seeds if you want spicy)

White part of the green onions, chopped

¼ cup of cilantro roughly chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

Lemon zest of 1 lemon

1 tbsp of lemon juice


Jicama julienne

Red onion




I used special batch Pitaya, but this will go well with any of our corn tortillas.

**Note, if you are unfamiliar with us :) we make every Saturday for Farmers Market a special batch. I freeze an extra pack and then later on I can take what I want out, set in the countertop for 5 minutes to defrost. I heat them up over a cast iron comal that is very hot for a total of 15 seconds. They come out perfect…this is applicable to all of our tortillas. Since they don’t have preservatives, you can freeze and they will still perform great! The secret is making sure they thaw and then a hot fast heat.**

How to prepare

In a shallow bowl, place your fish and add the pineapple juice. Then top with your herbs, garlic, olive oil and salt. Do not mix, just let it hang and cover. Place in the refrigerator for 45 – 60 minutes. When you bring it out, now you can mix the herbs and flip it. Let it hang at room temperature while you make your salsa and garnishes.

Heat up your grill to 500. Make sure its super clean as you will be placing your fish directly on the grates and you want to avoid sticking.

 Next, I used a vegetable grilling basket. I sprayed cooking spray on the basket and placed the pineapple tidbits along with the white onion and serrano. Do not add the cilantro or remaining ingredients yet. Place on the hot grill and cover for 10 minutes. Then move them around. If you have achieved some char on them you are ready to remove them, if not keep them on until you get a nice little char and a little of caramelization. When ready, remove from the heat and place on a bowl. Add cilantro, lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil and salt to taste.

Prepare your garnishes. I love to julienne vegetables but feel free to do whatever is most convenient to you. I love jicama’s crunch and neutral taste. Slice red onions very finely.

Remove the fish from the marinade and pat dry with a paper towel. Spray cooking spray in one side of the fish. Spray the grill generously and place the fish with the part you sprayed down onto the grill. I leave my grill open and grill for 5 minutes. I spray again with cooking oil the top of the fish and flip it carefully. Grill for another 4-5 minutes. Remove and set aside. 

Heat up your tortillas in high heat for 10 seconds in one side and 5 on the other.

You are now ready to assemble. Instead of cutting in little chunks, I went for a long manageable size piece. I steak yields about 3 servings, thus it may be 2 depending on your steak. Place the fish on the tortilla, top with jicama, then pineapple salsa and red onion slices. Sprinkle finishing sea salt flakes and serve with a wedge of lime.